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Vision: Successful Passionate Life Without Limitations

Mission: To Succeed Is A Choice

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is the art and science of guiding people with activity limitations to perform the occupations and daily activities that are important and meaningful to them. These include self–care, leisure/play, education, work and social tasks. The aim is to maximise functional performance so that people are able to optimally perform their roles and participate in their communities. Occupational therapy is provided to people who are at risk of occupational dysfunction, for example children with developmental delays or learning problems and people with physical and/or psychosocial disabilities and dysfunctions.

Successful Passionate Life Without Limitations

About us

Success Moagi

Occupational Therapist


QUAL: B.Occ. Ther (Medunsa); Postgrad. Dipl. Voc. Rehab (UP); RAF Panel Medical Expect

CERT: EAP Certified, WorkWell Certified, FCE Certified, ErgoScience Certified Practitioner, ABIME AMA Guides (CAMAG)


Success Moagi is a dynamic and passionate Occupational Therapist with a love for people.


She is excited about life and to turn life’s challenges into

a positive experience. She is a firm believer that success is a choice.


Success as an Occupational Therapist worked in the
following settings:

  • State- and Private Hospitals
  • Communities
  • Universities (UP and Mauritius)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Lifestyle Centre
  • Schools
  • Mines
  • Road Accident Fund

Our Services Rendered

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Occupational Ergonomics Assessment

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Risk Assessment

Functional Return to Work

Job Medical Fitness Assessment and Certification

Paediatrics Assessment and Report Writing

Physical and Mental Assessment and Rehabilitation

Prescription of Assistive Devices

Medico Legal Services Rendered

1. Medico Legal Assessment and Report writing

2. Medical Negligence

3. Expert witness Testimony

  • Psychosocial Stress
  • Occupational (work) Stress
  • Depression
  • Physical impairment and disability

Determine functional impact on the following   occupational performance areas:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Work
  • Social
  • Leisure
  • Re-integration into work, home
    and community
  • Determine treatment ,rehabilitation and maintenance plan






  • School Readiness
  • Identification of learning barriers
  • Identification of Developmental Delays
  • Determine functional limitations
  • Determine limitations on constructive play
  • Placement in appropriate school settings
  • Determine treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance plan
  • Children with learning problems.
  • Children with physical disability
  • Interview
  • Clinical observation
  • Clinical testing using standardised and
    non-standardised test
  • Interview
  • Clinical observation
  • Clinical testing using standardised and
    non-standardised test
  • Valpar Work Samples
  • T- Pal
  • WASP
  • Workwell systems
  • Self Reporting Questionnaire
  • Ergo Science
  • AMA Guides



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